CONSULTATIONS with Patricia Evans

Since I have worked with many people regarding verbal abuse issues and have seen thousands of cases, I have assimilated information beyond my books. In phone consultations, I draw on this perspective and address the callers current issues and questions.

Usually people who indulge in verbal abuse are quite unaware of their behavior, don't see themselves as acting irrationally or strangely or inappropriately or even as controlling, and have no real understanding of the impact of their behavior. In phone consultations this all becomes clear.

Some people find one consultation sufficient.Others talk with me on a regular basis. A phone consultation is a good adjunct to counseling and support groups.

Here is how it works.  We agree on a mutually convenient date and time. For information and scheduling, please call: 925 934 5972. Or email me at

The procedure is as follows: You call at the time and on the date arranged. The phone consultation is one full hour. The payment is taken on master card or visa prior to the appointment and is not charged until the consultation is complete.

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