How to recognize, Understand and Deal with People Who Try to Control You

By Patricia Evans

Enter The Controller’s Realm And Find Out:

  • How people become controlling.
  • Why controllers target only certain people.
  • Why controllers drive away the people they want to be closest to.
  • Why controllers often get the opposite of what they want.
  • Why most controllers appear to be nice normal people.
  • What the controller fears most?
  • Why controllers seem to be under the influence of a spell.
  • How the “spell’s” influence can be broken.
  • How someone can be a spell breaker.
  • How someone could be under a controller’s influence and not know it.
  • What controllers say about themselves.


Controlling People takes us on a journey through a maze of senseless behaviors woven into our world. We discover the words and incantations that produce a controller's spellbound behavior. And, we find out how to fend off any controller's attempts to control us.

Based on thousands of cases, CONTROLLING PEOPLE reveals how controllers struggle to shape the lives of others. We’ll discover the forces that compel them and why they, as if under a spell, often destroy the relationships that they want most to preserve. We’ll see for the first time the processes that shape them and most important, we’ll find out what controllers are really trying to do. We’ll know why, when they tell others who and what they are—what they think and feel, and even their motives, controllers don’t realize the senselessness of their own behavior. Lastly we’ll meet some formerly spellbound controllers and find out what they have to say about themselves.

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