The Verbally Abusive Relationship is the first book in any language devoted to naming and describing verbally abusive relationships. Readers almost universally experience an awakening-an "ah ha"-as they are enabled to recognize manipulation and abuse in different kinds of relationships.

The book begins with a self-evaluative questionnaire and a description of the primary patterns of verbal abuse, then describes the feelings and thoughts of the typical partner of a person who indulges in verbal abuse. It then introduces fifteen categories of verbal abuse, such as accusation and trivializing, and explores the underlying dynamics of verbally abusive relationships.

The reader is presented with effective responses to verbal abuse and guidelines for recovery and healing.

The expanded edition (1996) includes the first edition plus the most recent developments in dealing with verbal abuse with information on:

Working with therapists-getting help in resolving verbal abuse issues and strategic information for the therapist and client.

Protecting children-how to deal with the impact of verbal abuse on families

Answers to the questions readers ask most frequently ask about verbal abuse.

Readers respond to "The Verbally Abusive Relationship":

Thousands of readers have contacted Patricia Evans expressing their gratitude that at last there is a name for what they have experienced. Following are a few comments from readers:

"This is the first time I have read a book about myself. It is so clearly defined-I believe this book has saved my life." - J.M.,Danville, New Hampshire

"I have highlighted practically the whole book...I recommended it to my youngest daughter just and hour ago. wish I'd been able to read it 36 years ago!" - M.M. Sedalia, Missouri

"No one has ever explained this tragedy as you have." - A.W., Denver Colorado

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